SXSW 2016 Wristband FAQ

Please be sure to review our Wristband Terms and Conditions.

  1. Why was the online system implemented?
    This online purchase system is being implemented to ensure that the majority of wristbands go to Austin's music fans (rather than scalpers or re-sellers), and to save them the inconvenience of standing for hours in long lines at possibly inconvenient times in order to purchase them.

  2. How do you determine a local billing address?
    We have complied a database of local zip codes and will use that to determine if a billing address is local.

  3. I live in Austin, but I do not have a Credit Card with an Austin billing address. What are my options?
    Wristbands are intended to allow locals to attend SXSW. If you have a friend who wants to purchase a wristband and has a Credit Card with an Austin billing address they can enter you for their second wristband. In addition, more wristbands will be put on sale the week of the Festival. Look for more Information on this site and in the Austin Chronicle when additional wristbands go on sale during the festival.

  4. I do appreciate the effort, but why can't you just do things the old way?
    Under the old system there was never a guarantee of getting a wristband. If you were out of town, couldn’t get off work, or were at home sick on the day they went on sale, you were out of luck. In addition, this method prevents a rush to a random location and is safer than forcing people to stand out in the cold or heat.

  5. What if I buy a wristband but can't attend SXSW?
    We’ve attempted to give everyone enough notice to make their plans by announcing the details now to give people time to schedule themselves. If you can’t surely arrange time off on that schedule, then you should plan to try to buy one of the ones put on sale the week of SXSW.

  6. Is this the only time wristbands will be sold?
    Wristbands are usually sold at a higher price in limited numbers during the event. Check back to this site for information on location. They will not be for sale at the Austin Convention Center.

  7. What is the difference between a wristband and a Music Badge?
    The Music Conference badge allows you access to the Music Conference including the trade show, Keynotes and Panels by industry leaders. It also (along with Platinum Badges) gets first entrance to Showcases (as building capacity allows). The wristband only allows you access to the Showcases, after badge holders. Some Showcases will be limited to Badge Holders only.

  8. Do both people have to show up at the same time to pick up their wristbands?
    No, each person must pick up their wristband individually. You cannot pick up a wristband for anyone else. The wristband will be placed on your wrist at time of pickup. All you need is a valid government issued photo ID that matches the name assigned to the wristband.

  9. What does a wristband do?
    A wristband allows you access to SXSW Venues and Showcases with no cover charge after badge holders and before single admission tickets. Access is not guaranteed, and can be limited by venue capacity and other factors.

  10. When will my credit card be billed?
    Your credit card will be billed at the time of purchase.

  11. Does SXSW store my credit card number?

  12. What is the normal price of a wristband?
    The normal price for a wristband is $225.

  13. What will SXSW do with my personal information?
    SXSW will not sell, distribute, or otherwise disclose any personal information obtained in the process of placing your order.

  14. Do I have to personally pick up my wristband?
    Yes. All wristbands will be picked up in person. The wristband will be placed on the person's left or right wrist at the time of pickup. Once bound to the wrist it cannot be removed without voiding the wristband.

  15. When can I pick up my wristband?
    You can pick up your wristband at the Austin Convention Center Exhibit Hall 5.
    Monday, March 14 | 9AM - 6PM
    Tuesday, March 15 | 9AM - 10PM
    Wednesday, March 16 | 9AM - 10PM
    Thursday, March 17 | 9AM - 10PM
    Friday, March 18 | 10AM - 7PM
    Saturday, March 19 | 11AM - 4PM

  16. What happens if more than one wristband is purchased for one specific person?
    First of all, there are no refunds and no transfers. While purchasing your wristband, if you choose the two wristband option - make sure the other recipient knows. This will help prevent multiple wristbands from being bought for the same person. Communicate! You don't want to end up wearing two wristbands on one arm!

  17. What do I need to pick up my wristband?
    After your purchase, you will receive an e-mail with pick up information. You will need to present a valid government-issued photo ID (such as a driver's license) to claim your wristband.

  18. Will the wristband be attached to my wrist when I pick it up?
    Yes. All wristbands will be attached to a wrist at time of pick up and cannot be removed for the length of the festival to be valid.

  19. Are wristbands transferable?
    No. Wristbands are non-transferable.

  20. Are wristbands refundable?
    No. Wristbands are non-refundable.

  21. What invalidates a wristband?
    Tampering with the wristband will invalidate it. Stretching, tearing, taping or cutting of SXSW wristbands is not permitted.

  22. Can I purchase wristbands for someone without buying one for myself?
    No. The purchaser must be one of the wristband recipients.

  23. Do wristbands guarantee me entrance to SXSW Venues?
    No. SXSW wristbands guarantee no cover at any SXSW Venue. Entrance to venues is limited by venue capacity, age restrictions, and other factors.

  24. Can I book a room through SXSW if I buy a wristband?
    SXSW Housing has great rates on hotel rooms for your SXSW Music weekend. Contact for more details.

  25. Who should I contact if I have questions?
    Contact with any questions.

  26. What is SXSW?
    The SXSW Music and Media Conference showcases hundreds of musical acts from around the globe on over fifty stages in downtown Austin. By day, conference registrants do business in the SXSW Trade Show in the Austin Convention Center and partake of a full agenda of informative, provocative panel discussions featuring hundreds of speakers of international stature.